What would you say if I told you that every night I cook an extra meal and then throw it away? Or better yet, that Sarah and I own an apartment that we let sit empty and a third car that we never drive? Seems a little ridiculous, doesn’t it? Well, for some its true. (in a way)

Recently, I’ve been scouring our expenditures and really thinking about where each dollar we earn goes and whether or not we are happy with how it is spent. The answers are sometimes harsh, but we are getting better at putting  our money where our interests lie. The area where we seem to have the least amount of control, is the  25% of it that gets wheeled off to the government with each paycheck. This is something that would cause most people to complain, (in times of war, I am one of those people) but to me, it just makes me want to use what I’ve bought.

In an effort to squeeze the best bang for the buck out of all of our investments, I’ve decided to try our best to access all of our government funded facilities (libraries, parks, etc…) with a new found zest (I will not, however, be setting my house ablaze. The fire department can keep my money.)

I’m treating the local library like my personal book shelf. Each morning I’ve been taking a walk to a park a mere block from my house, and acting as if it is my own back yard. (fortunately, no one else seems to see the value and I stand alone with an epic view of the city). Sometimes, during my lunch break, I go out and lay down in the street, just cause I paid for it.

I did a quick search at http://www.colorado.gov/taxtracks/  so I could see where my tax dollars were going. It turns out I pay a mere $1.36 cents a year to fund our local park system so I’m getting an expanded back yard on super-sale. Don’t tell my neighbors, they’ll probably trample me to get a great deal.

There are lots of things I pay for and I want to make sure I don’t waste any of them. If you’d like to join me, I’ll see you in my back yard tomorrow morning. Just don’t obstruct the view.