I heard a stat last week that 50,000 blogs are started every day. Fifty thousand. I imagine that during that same day at least double, if not triple the number of blogs shut down. It’s like the dollar stores in my neighborhood.

Recently I’ve been writing so much for work that the thought of sitting down before or afterward to blog has elicited the same emotional response I used to have when my mom wanted me to clean my room: Aww, mom… For the first couple days, I grinned, I bared it, and I wrote something down. As I thought about it, I realized that I was defeating the purpose of  simplifying. Feeling the need to write took  the joy of writing away and made it feel a lot like work. Oddly, I’d felt like I’d been suckered into working daily on something that wasn’t my biggest priority. (All this after a month!)

Yet, “the show must go on”. Or at least that is what P.T. Barnum said (you see, when people use quotes it can be considered incontrovertible wisdom). Sage bloggers advise that should you wish people to read your blog, and thus draw more readers, make millions on advertisements, eventually sign a book contract, have a movie made from it, and sit across from Oprah to tell your story, “you should post something everyday, if not multiple times throughout the day” 1. (also notice that adding a notation shows that more than one person agrees with said quote) Even though Oprah is going off the air, I would write despite being otherwise uninspired. I found myself spending time in a way that was wasn’t quite fulfilling and frankly,  in contrast to my aspirations of a simpler life.

Well, as you may have noticed, the show hasn’t gone on. I haven’t kept up with the writing. I’ve decided that I’ll write when I feel inspired and when I don’t, I won’t. My apologies if that affects your daily cup of coffee, but I just want to keep smiling.

1 It should be noted that P.T. Barnum also said “there is a sucker born every minute”, and I’d prefer not to be one of them.